Guide to the
28 Little Machines

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“Little Machines” is a collection of 28 very short mechanical works for unaccompanied mixed singers. Full of ostinati and countermelodies, these well-crafted, sophisticated songs are easy and fun to sing – and fascinating to hear.  Click on any title below to download its PDF score.

B-flat is the Answer
[S, A, T, B]

Chance to Start Again
[S, (A/T), B]​

[3 and 4-pt]​

Education for All
[S, (A/T), B]​

Everywhere the Beautiful [5-pt Mixed]
Russia the Beautiful [Unison]
Kenya the Beautiful [Unison]
China the Beautiful [Unison]
Cuba the Beautiful [Unison]
America the Beautiful [Unison]
Write Your Own Melody

Friend of Time
[S, (A/T), B]​

Great Circles
[S, (A/T), B]​

How High Can We Go?
[S, (A/T), B]​

I am a Machine
[3-part round]​

I See Your Differences and I Smile
[S, (A/T), B]​

Interval Round
[3-part round]​

Keep Us Open, Keep Us Free
[S, (A/T), B]​

Live, Let Live
[S, (A/T), B]​

Marching to the Future
[S, (A/T), B]​

Mud to Flower
[S, (A/T), B]​

Popcorn Waltz
[S, A, T, B]​

Somewhere There’s a Place
[S, A, T, B]​

Suffering is a Part of Life
[S, Whistlers, B]​

[S, A, T, B]​

Taking Off My Jersey
[S, (A/T), B]​

Tiny Change Yodel
[Yodelers, S, B]​

Traveling Heals
[S, A, T, B]​

Troubled Child
[S, (A/T), B]​

Tuning to Each Other
[S, (A/T), B]​

Up-Down Polka
[S, (A/T), B]​

[S, A, T, B]​

Works of Art
[S, (A/T), B]​

You Go Ahead
[S, (A/T), B]

If you prefer to use a bound book, an 89-page book can be purchased at amazon.  A digital book can be purchased at Sheet Music Plus.