The purpose of the St. Louis Peace Choir is to create harmony.

Active Pacifism

It is possible to use songs and stories to help keep a society in balance and to help protect it from irrational hatreds and fears. The St. Louis Peace Choir is committed to such Active Pacifism.

Peace Song Repository

All of the scores and recordings of the St. Louis Peace Choir are put into the public domain and housed in our REPOSITORY. They may be freely copied and used by other choirs, classrooms, and singers.
If you would like to contribute a copyright-free choral song that peace choirs might find useful, please contact us (sing@STLpeacechoir.org).


We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month:
May 19, 2024
June 16, 2024
July 21, 2024
August 18, 2024
September 15, 2024
October 20, 2024
November 17, 2024
December 15, 2024
January 19, 2025
February 16, 2025
March 16, 2025
April 20, 2025
May 18, 2025


None. The St. Louis Peace Choir is a democracy of volunteers. Our expenses are minimal (music sheets, website). We have no owners, no property, no legal name, no bank account. Although we bring a donation box to our monthly gatherings, its total contents are given to the First Unitarian Church as a good-will offering to help defray the building-use costs that we incur.

Our History

For nearly 2 decades a group of St. Louis peace advocates would meet every Sunday evening on the steps of St. Louis University’s “College Church” (St. Francis Xavier) at Grand and Lindell. Regardless of the weather, they’d stand outside in a candlelight “peace vigil” holding banners and signs promoting peaceful change as the heavy traffic slowly inched to-and-from the Grand Center entertainment venues.

Mary Wuller and her friends began these weekly gatherings in reaction to the climate of hate and vengeance that the 9-11 tragedy had whipped-up.

When Secretary Michael later joined the group, he began creating short egalitarian songs for the group to sing in unison at the end of their half-hour vigils. At first the song-sheets were sealed in plastic to protect them from the rain and snow. Later they were bound into booklets with the title: “St. Louis Peace Choir”. That’s how the peace choir got its start. The peace vigils ended several years later with the Covid-19 virus, but their songs of hope and peace were put online where they were (and continue to be) freely downloaded by singers and choral groups around the world.

On the 3rd Sunday of October, 2023, five friends got together for the first monthly gathering of the new St. Louis Peace Choir. It continues to this day.